Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Great Quimper Catalogue Give-away!

Some long overdue housecleaning/reorganizing took place in my office last week. We started with one of the easier, but also more tedious, tasks: getting 30 years of  Quimper auction catalogues in chronological order, and removing all the duplicates for dispersal-disposal. Here is my stash, for the moment in two empty
drawers, shortly to be properly shelved.

And all the rest ( in not wonderful order) have been tucked into a little wagon, ready to be emptied by those of you who come to shop. Not only is there valuable information in all these pages for the serious collector, there are lovely illustrations, both photographs, and original art, which would also be of great use to those of you who do scrapbooking and collage work.  So first come shop, and then browse to fill the gaps in your reference library, or your craft table stash.
Looks like fun, doesn't it? I found myself sitting on the floor and looking through all of these for the
umpteenth time...and you can, too!
And now back to web site work...Joan