Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Show Time!

The start of a new year, with snow and bitter cold...but ...I had signed up to do the Annapolis Antiques Show, and the show must go on!  Here is a walkabout for those of you too far away to have come.

I usually ask for dark green paper, as my table covers are a dark green check that I had had made years ago: they, and the paper, set off Quimper better than any other color.
I was in the lobby, facing the entrance; this wall was the first thing people saw, and I actually sold quite well from this space.
The firehouse windsor, in its rare old red paint, sold, as did the Indian quilt hanging from the opposite corner.
The miniature chairs attracted much attention, but people wanted them for dollhouses, and they are not the correct proportion for that; I actually had to talk several people out of them! They are more salesman's sample size, so I'm sure someone will want them...they would be great with miniature real plants in a tablescape.

It is always a dilemma to know just what Quimper to bring, so I did a smorgasbord of styles and periods and prices.

Early Quimper on one shelf, plus birds, flowers, and other unusual decors.
Two handsome jardinières dominated the center of the center table. I really wanted to properly enhance them with some fresh greenery, but the extreme cold made it unlikely that my plants would have survived (I was having enough trouble myself surviving), so I didn't. But it does make a difference! I had half-a-dozen inquiries of, "What is it for?".

That table held other useful pieces:
A Breton Broderie letter holder, perfect for my business cards.

These delightful bookends: Little Red Riding-Hood and the Wolf, just right to hold my book "Collecting Quimper".
Just for fun, and because I like the soft contrast of old paint against the glaze of the pottery, 4 dear little French soldiers, standing guard in the midst of it all.

And one lovely Odetta pitcher, in my favorite seashell pattern. It gave me a chance to show off this genre of Quimper and explain it to folks who only know the traditional patterns.

Showtime is over for the season, but we continue to look for good old Quimper and are always available to discuss your wishes. All of the above pieces are available, as well as much, much more, so don't hesitate to call or email us!

And these are a great way to start the new year: a handsome pair of figural candlesticks...( but they sold before I could even post them; so I shall have to keep an eye out for more of this age and quality!)

A good 2018 to everyone, Joan Datesman